No appointments necessary, all walk-ins welcomed!  Patients are seen on a first come, first serve basis, however, more critical patients may take precedence.

CARE Hospital’s emergency department offers immediate triage and treatment for life-threatening situations.  We understand that not all emergencies happen during regular business hours, so we are available for all overnight, weekend and holiday emergencies.


From the moment you and your pet walk through the front door, our staff will be ready to offer immediate assistance.  Our triage process begins when our client service representatives listen closely to any symptoms or ailments you describe before relaying that information to our staff in the treatment area. A veterinary technician will be called to quickly assess the condition of your pet.  If your pet is unstable, he or she may be immediately brought back to our emergency treatment room with your permission, where immediate live-saving treatments may be administered while you complete sign-in forms and provide a history for you pet.

If your pet is stable, our front desk will take your information, and you and your pet will be seen in an exam room. A trained emergency technician will begin by taking a complete history and acquiring vital signs, such as weight, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature. 

Examination, Discussion & Treatment Plan

One of our skilled ER doctors will always perform a complete full physical examination of your pet, either with you in the exam room, or in our treatment area.  After the examination, the doctor will discuss your pet’s health assessment, potential diagnoses, and a detailed treatment plan, including additional diagnostics and specialty consultations that may be recommended.  Every emergency is unique and each treatment plan will be customized based upon your pet’s individual condition and your wishes.  A member of our staff will then go over a detailed estimate of all costs and financial obligations associated with the plan.


If your pet requires admittance to our hospital, you can rest assured that your pet’s welfare is of the utmost importance.   Our medical team will be in touch with you if there are any important changes in the health status or treatment plan for your pet. At any time you may call to receive a full, complete update on your pet and their health status. We will keep in close communication with your primary care veterinarian in order to provide an uninterrupted path of treatment for your pet.

Discharge & After Care

All patients are either discharged or transferred to their primary veterinarian for continued hospitalized care.

If your pet has been cleared to go home with you, a doctor will go over all of the treatments performed and medications administered in hospital, and explain the goals for continued care at home.  A technician will go over all discharge details, including at home medications, continued treatments, timeline for additional rechecks and further recommendations. Your primary care veterinarian will also be notified of your pet’s discharge from the hospital and faxed a full copy of your pet’s medical records.

If your pet requires continued care with your primary veterinarian, we will have all medical supplies, records and treatment plans ready when you are here for transport.  Our doctors will have communicated to you and your primary care veterinarian the current health status of your pet, what medical treatments have been performed while in our care, and what our continued recommended treatment plan is.  Both you and your veterinarian will be given copies of full medical records and diagnostics.

If you have any questions regarding your discharge or your pet’s medical care with us, we encourage you to call and ask. Our staff will be happy to answer any concerns you may have.

Our Emergency Services include, but are not limited to:

  • In-house lab work: CBC, chemistry panel, blood gas analysis, coagulation profiles, urinalysis, various SNAP tests, blood glucose monitoring
  • Oxygen supplementation
  • Digital radiography
  • Ultrasonography for quick procedures
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracocentesis/abdominocentesis
  • Central venous line placement and urinary catheter placement
  • IV fluid supplementation and colloid support
  • Blood product transfusions: pRBCs, plasma
  • Constant rate infusions (CRIs) using advanced syringe pumps
  • In-house pharmacy


Meet our Emergency Doctors:


Dr. Samantha Moffitt

Dr. Samantha Moffitt



Edward Crumpler, DVM



Sarah Misraji, BVMS